News for 2013->2014

March 26th 2014
We have puppies:) 
Both Daisy and Dreamer had there puppies:)

Go to puppies page for further information.
We have a few puppies not spoken for.

January 23rd-2014
Now we have started the new year! 
We have som excellent new and planns for the future.
Daisy has been in Sweden for a short while and meet a nice looking male: Bjellakis Q's Special Prince and If everything goes as we hope we will have puppies here around the beginning of March 2014.
And we have also been to Holland and Kennel Dunbland with Dreamer,
 she also had a nice meeting with a good looking male: Am Ir CH MC Magic's The Candy Man Of Pebbles Run
So again If everything goes as planned this litter will be born around March 18th of 2014.
Go to puppies page to se planned litters and the pedigrees for the new babies that we are expecting.
And we would like to give thanks to al involved with our planns and all of you that made this possible.
Your are welcome with your request if you are interested in our wonderfull expected litters:)

We have been to Poland/Stettin for dogshow how It went you can se at the results page!
Some new links and some new photo at the photo page from our trip.
I can say truly Yenna was showed with out under coat :) But she did great even thought she is now 9 years old:)
Here you have a big sneak peak on what happend this weekend :)
Just missed some titles when I did The champion picture! It should of course be:
VDH DCNH JugendCH PolishCH
Jekita's Dreamer Of Special Blend "Dreamer"

Some new results and also some new links :)

Today we are Poland at a show.
How It went you can se at the results page:)

Jugendch Jekitas Dreamer Of Special Blend
Dreamer has been to the vet today and had her eyes checked.
Results = Clear

2013-February 7

1 male avaliable and ready to move away!!
For further info go to puppies page..
Jekita's Dreamer Of Special Blend "Dreamer"
Hip results= B/B 

2013 January 26th
Daisy's puppies are now 7 weeks old.
Still 3 males avaliable and looking for a family of their own to move to when thay are 8 weeks old!
New photo at the puppies page!

2013January 3rd
The puppies after Daisy is now 5 weeks old new picture at the puppies page!

December 25th
Hope you all had a great christmas eve.
Now the puppies has become 4 weeks. 
We still have a few not spoken for. Go to puppies page for further information.

December 09th-
New links and some new pictures of the puppies at the puppies page.

November 28th-
Today we launge this website in English. Hope that you all will enjoy the information and
 photo and of course our beloved Samoyeds that are the reason that we have this site:)
Some of the page will be in both Englich and Danish so hope that you understand all of the information.
On the 23rd ogf November 2012 Daisy gace birth to a stunning litter of 9 healthy puppies.
7 males and 2 females there are some puppies still not spoken for.
Go to puppies page for further information.

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